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Monolithic Databases Fail in a Cloud Native World

The way we build and deploy apps has changed. Traditional monolithic RDBMSs and NoSQL databases were not built to meet the needs of cloud native transactional applications, resulting in:

CloudNativeApps Frustrated Experience

Forced Tradeoffs

You have to pick between the strong consistency of RDBMS and the resilience and scale of NoSQL.

CloudNativeApps Complex Code

Complex Code

Your engineers have to build database scaling and resilience manually, increasing costs and fragility.

CloudNativeApps Operational Headaches

Operational Headaches

Limited automation, proprietary APIs and scaling woes increase time-to-value and lower responsiveness.

Microservices and Kubernetes Deserve a Cloud Native Database

Accelerating app development and creating meaningful value for your customers depends on having a flexible, modern stack—from the infrastructure to the data layer to the application. A modern database is essential to fully realize cloud native benefits like productivity, agility, performance and simplicity.

Increase Developer Velocity

As a developer, you want to deliver meaningful solutions and maximize the time spent on adding value through code, not dealing with technical debt or temporary fixes.

  • Start quickly with a familiar Postgres and Cassandra compatible database
  • Get your cloud native database set up in hours, not weeks
  • Reduce architectural complexity with a unified, distributed database
CloudNativeApps Increase Developer Velocity

Improve Customer Delight

Customer expectations are at an all time high, but with the right application experiences, like snappy performance and flexibility to meet them wherever they are, then your application can have a huge impact on customer loyalty and revenue growth.

Increase satisfaction with high performance and always-on availability, reliability, low-latency. Streamlined, simple code means less issues and faster resolution of issues. Native availability increases trust with an always-on application.

  • Deliver predictable, low latency performance to customers anywhere
  • Provide always-on availability that seamlessly handles failures and maintenance
  • Run across multiple geographic locations with minimal performance impact
CloudNativeApps Improve Customer Delight

Enjoy Smooth Operations

Developers can focus on building apps and learning useful skills, not finding ways to work around the challenges of legacy systems. Embrace automation and built-in intelligence to simplify operations around provisioning, scaling and maintaining.

  • Decrease time to value with simplified management and self-healing
  • Simplify scaling with automatic sharding, distribution and load balancing
  • Connect with a vibrant community that supports the 100% open source code
CloudNativeApps Enjoy Smooth Operations

The Time is Now for Stateful Distributed SQL on Kubernetes

Thanks to the flexible, active/active architecture, YugabyteDB is a stateful application well suited for Kubernetes. In fact, customers today are deploying YugabyteDB on Amazon EKS, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Rancher, Red Hat OpenShift and VMware Tanzu—to name just a few options. As one example, we recently developed a reference architecture on deploying YugabyteDB with VMware Tanzu. See below for details on one path to unlocking your microservices at scale.

CloudNativeApps YugabyteDB with VMware Tanzu

Market Leaders Trust YugabyteDB

It was easy for our developers to get started with YugabyteDB using the distributed SQL APIs. YugabyteDB eliminated the need for a separate cache and multiple databases. Uday Shanmugam
We were able to quickly switch from DataStax Enterprise to YugabyteDB which offered more compelling features, like global secondary indexes, for our developers. Shannon Holland
YugabyteDB gave us the ability to store more data than before, making some of our new use cases possible that we could not have done with our previous database solution. Qin Yu

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