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Embrace a modern data architecture for an agile, data-driven future

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Are You Tired of the Legacy Database Tradeoffs?

You are on a journey to build a data-driven, futureproof organization. You have embraced the cloud, microservices and agile development. But your legacy database was not built to handle the needs of modern, cloud native applications, forcing expensive data engineering and tradeoffs that include:

Usecase DatabaseModernization Wasted Time

Wasted Time

Tedious workarounds in the app layer shift developers focus from value-add features to fixing database gaps

Usecase DatabaseModernization Increased Risk

Increased Risk

Complex, bolted-on tools required for resilience and scale increase points of failures and items to maintain

Usecase DatabaseModernization Unexpected Costs

Unexpected Costs

Expensive legacy costs and increasing database sprawl eat into profits and increase operational costs

Accelerate Innovation and Prepare for the Future with Distributed SQL

Distributed SQL databases combine relational data modeling and powerful RDBMS capabilities with the resilience, scale, and geo-distribution of cloud native databases, eliminating tradeoffs. With distributed SQL, organizations can deliver critical business outcomes by accelerating productivity, reducing costs, and lowering risks.

Scale Business with Confidence

Confidently grow your business with a modern data layer that can easily and quickly scale queries, storage and connections by simply adding nodes—anywhere.

  • Respond to unexpected demand with rapid horizontal scalability
  • Simplify operations with built-in, intelligent automatic rebalancing
  • Burst to the cloud as needed with active-active replication
Usecase DatabaseModernization Scale Business with Confidence

Maximize Existing Investments

Embrace the applications, processes and skills you have in house by evolving to a modern distributed database that offers a PostgreSQL compatible API.

  • Eliminate ramp time for developers with a familiar interface
  • Leverage proven ecosystem of familiar tools and technologies
  • Reduce modernization complexity with simple, flexible migration tools
Usecase DatabaseModernization Maximize Existing Investments

Enhance Developer Productivity with Flexibility

Don’t waste your application and cloud modernization efforts with a legacy data layer—support your developers and evolve to a cloud native database with the flexibility and agility they expect.

  • Avoid cloud lock-in and span public, private and hybrid clouds
  • Deliver resilient services with a highly available architecture
  • Enjoy strong community support of 100% open source solution
Usecase DatabaseModernization Enhance Developer Productivity with Flexibility

Proven Path to Database Modernization

Yugabyte Customer Success can help simplify and automate the migration from monolithic databases to Yugabyte’s modern, distributed SQL database. Yugabyte's database modernization services help not only with database migration, deployment, and operation, but also in establishing best practices and expertise within your teams.

Usecase Proven Path to Database Modernization

Market Leaders Trust YugabyteDB

Kroger migrated 9 production applications to YugabyteDB and are engaged on migrating a long list of more applications to accelerate our modernization. Mahesh Tyagarajan , VP Engineering
General Motors
Yugabyte helped us migrate a critical multi-continent vehicle telemetry system and achieve 10x greater performance. Kannan Ramamurthy , Leader & Strategist
Abra Controls
After modernizing to YugabyteDB, we don’t want to have to worry about the operations of a high availability database as much. Philippe Larochelle , Application Architect

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