YugabyteDB for Telecommunications

Quickly deliver new applications and experiences on next-generation infrastructure in the data center, in the cloud, and at the edge.

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Deliver New Apps Faster with a Cloud Native Database

As next-generation wireless and wireline networks drive innovation, subscribers want better performance, security, and reliability. YugabyteDB is a future-proof cloud native database that enables telcos to quickly build applications and differentiated experiences across the core and the edge.

Simplify Operations

Simplify Operations

Maintain competitive advantage by increasing efficiency and reducing costs without sacrificing customer experiences.

Maintain Compliance

Maintain Compliance

Deliver end-to-end security and respond quickly to meet evolving or new compliance requirements.

Expand Services

Expand Services

Accelerate innovation and simplify app development to increase the pace of new service introduction.

Modernize BSS and OSS Applications

Build applications with a scalable cloud native database that can meet your customers’ evolving needs. Consolidate database infrastructure for order capture, subscriber management, billing, network inventory management, network operations, and more.

  • Horizontal Scalability Scales on demand seamlessly when needed to handle unexpected spikes
  • Leading PostgreSQL Compatibility Makes developers instantly productive with a familiar API and features like stored procedures, triggers, and full cursor support
Simplify Subscriber Data Management

Expand to the Edge

Build innovative applications that span the core and the edge. Serve a geographically dispersed subscriber base with low latency, continuously available data access.

  • High Performance at Scale Supports a large number of concurrent transactions, high connection counts, and large data sets with low latency
  • Global Geo-Distribution Offers the widest array of sync and async replication capabilities to balance performance and consistency needs
  • Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Deployment Simplifies the data layer with the same database in the cloud and at the edge
Expand to the Edge and IoT

Establish Robust Security

Ensure that your customers’ and your data is secure across your network while complying with regulations.

  • Encryption at Rest and in Transit Ensures all client-to-server and server-to-server communication is protected
  • Simplified Security Operations Scales protection with key rotation, turnkey encryption, third party integrations, continuous monitoring and reporting
  • Database Consolidation Reduces the operational burden of managing silos
Maximize Security without Data Silos

Market Leaders Trust YugabyteDB

Rakuten Mobile
Distributed SQL is becoming mandatory for 5G because of the need for core network functions to be distributed closer to the user. Hale Donertasli , Senior 5G Architect
With YugabyteDB, we can offer a better SLA to our global customers using a distributed database schema for our new VoIP Telephony SIP Platform. Vasilios Tzanoudakis , Co-founder

YugabyteDB Advantages

Cloud Native

YugabyteDB is open source and built for the container era with highly elastic scaling and infrastructure portability, including Kubernetes-driven orchestration. With intelligent self-healing, it automatically recovers from common failures.

Operational Efficiency

YugabyteDB’s standard APIs for both PostgreSQL and Cassandra simplify app migration and leverage existing skills. YugabyteDB Anywhere simplifies and automates the deployment and management of YugabyteDB at scale.

Cloud Agnostic

Avoid cloud lock-in with a database that can span public, private and hybrid clouds while supporting virtual machines, containers and bare metal. Open standards provide your application with freedom to easily move as needed.

Cloud Native
Operational Efficiency
Cloud Agnostic

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